We are Monash Association of Coding (we call ourselves "MAC" for short—yes like a Big MAC or a MACbook), and we aim to impart valuable technical skills to students and to bridge the gap between the classroom and industry. We want to make coding a fun experience for all—regardless of degree, year level, and experience—through providing collaborative learning opportunities for our members.

At MAC we are all about upholding these 5 values:
- Inclusivity → Coding is for everyone, regardless of gender, background, and experience!
- Collaboration → Coding shouldn't be a lonely experience, and we're here to ensure that!
- Practicality → We want to help bridge the gap between theory and practical applications.
- Holistic → We're not just about coding—we're here to help you be ready for all types of tech-roles (whether it's product management, product design, software engineering, and more!)
- Ambition → We're here to help you reach your biggest dreams.

How do we uphold these values? Through our three pillars:
- Events → Our events run throughout the semester and are all about giving you newfound knowledge that you can't just Google, and something tangible that you can take home and add to your portfolio (could be a new website or prototype!)
- Content → On our social media, you will find how-tos, resources, exclusive opportunities from our industry sponsors, and fun stuff to help break the tediousness of study.
- Community → Our lovely Discord community often has games nights, tech-related chats, career advice, and other wonderful conversations.