Hey there, future rockstars and theatre aficionados! Ready to turn your uni experience into a symphony of epic proportions? Meet MATS – the Music and Theatre Society at Monash University! We're not your average club; we're a vibe, a community that unites musicians of all genres – jazz, classical, pop, you name it – and theatre lovers alike.

Jam sessions? Check. Cheeky BBQ’s and bar nights? Absolutely. Want some extra help with your theory? Come study with us! But that's not all – we're your backstage pass to networking with fellow music maestros and industry pros. Become a part of MATS, where we all share a collective love of music and theatre, making your Uni journey a bit more extraordinary. Your adventure starts here with MATS – no frills, just genuine connections and shared love for music and theatre.

See what we are up to at @monashmats on Instagram!