Established in 2016, MVS strives to promote a plant-based lifestyle to students and staff through education, community and, importantly, the sharing of food. Our eventual vision is a campus that does not use nonhuman animals or animal products in its operations. For now, we provide a supportive community for everyone (vegan or otherwise) to explore a plant-based lifestyle. We are a valuable source of information and expertise for those wishing to become vegan or decrease their consumption of meat and other animal products. We hold regular events throughout semester, most of which are free for our members. Our events include:
- FOOD events
- Film and documentary screenings
- Guest speakers
- Field-trips - think Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary!

If you are interested in finding out more about MVS and what we are doing, please visit our Facebook page (Monash Vegan Society), or send us an email (vegan@monashclubs.org).