Effective Altruism Monash University has successfully sought affiliation with MSA Clubs & Societies as a new Monash club.

Effective Altruism is a global community interested in the question ‘how can we do good, better?’. At Effective Altruism  Monash we believe that this simple idea has the potential to radically benefit ourselves and the world around us. We are an inviting and friendly community looking to explore and share what it means to do good. 

We have two main components to achieve this goal: social events and our Scholars Program. We run regular social events across semester to bring together people interested in the ideas of effective altruism and to expose us to new ideas and speakers. 

We also run our Scholars Program as an introduction to the philosophical and practical foundations of effective altruism. This is an 8-week discussion group in-semester where an experienced member of the club takes a group of members through the central ideas of effective altruism. It is a fantastic introduction to our club and the global community, as well as teaching a variety of useful insights into human bias, decision theory, and risk management.

To find out more information visit our Facebook page or contact us for more information.