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Effective Altruism Monash University has successfully sought affiliation with MSA Clubs & Societies as a new Monash club.


The main purposes of the club are:

1. To promote the ideas of Effective Altruism, an evidence-based community focused on understanding and addressing the world’s most pressing problems in the most effective ways. 

2. To educate and equip students with knowledge, strategies, and critical thinking skills to reflect on complex global and moral issues from a practical and philosophical perspective. 

3. To foster community development by organising social, academic, and networking events related to Effective Altruism.

4. To provide a platform for collaborative discourse across disciplines to encourage critical discussion, reflection on values, and high-impact research. 

5. To raise awareness and funding for evidence-based and impactful causes.


We are currently finalising a number of administrative duties and this club will officially launch in Semester 2, 2023. 

To become a member of this club please return to this page in the week beginning Monday 17 July 2023.