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Monash Arab Society (MARS) is seeking affiliation with MSA Clubs & Societies as a new Monash club and we need your help by adding your name as a prospective member.

To indicate your interest in joining this club please select either MSA+ Membership or Non-MSA Membership (above). 

Note:  there is no cost associated with 'joining' this club at this point. If sufficient expressions of interest to join this club are received by Monday 11 September 2023, then the new club Applicant Group will contact you via email to invite you to the Inaugural General Meeting (IGM). At the IGM, a committee will be elected to start running the club from Semester 1, 2024.  

The Monash Arab Society (MARS) will enrich the educational experience of the students at Monash University by:
1. Fostering a sense of community, belonging and inclusivity for current and prospective Arab students at Monash  through the celebration of Arab culture, values and traditions.
2. Providing cultural celebrations and events that aim to promote the rich cultural diversity that exists in the Arab World.
3. Encouraging inter-cultural interaction at Monash through associating with other student organisations across Monash and Victoria that possess objectives similar to MARS.
4. Providing Arab students with a platform to promote their skills, passions, and achievements across Monash. 
5. Developing professional portfolios of Arab Students by providing community roles that enable students to actively participate in planning club activities and executing plans effectively.